Where can you add your own Bongo videos?

Where can you add your own Bongo videos? Does such a place exist?

It sure does: http://bongo.rhino3d.com/
All you have to do is ‘Sign up’.

I forgot to mention that the Bongo team would obviously be very very pleased to see more work of users on our site. So, whatever you would like to post, experiments or high-end projects, please do post.

Hey Luc
Thank you for your quick response. I think (with out checking the Bongo site) you made some excellent videos to help me get started learning Bongo. I have made a few engineering construction videos and would like to post them to get ideas on how to improve them. I know animation is big in the Architect world but it will eventually trickle into the mom and pop structural engineering world. I hope to be ahead of the curve and become an expert at animating construction drawings. I should be posting soon. Thank you so much!