Where can i learn more about what each component does?

Hi team,
I am a beginner to grasshopper.My query was that where can i learn more about what each component does. How do i know how each component works?.Are there any tutorials on the web.

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HI @Tarkin,

there are lots of videos and tutorials online.
http://grasshopperdocs.com/ is also a good source if you want to have an overview of the native components and many plug ins.

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Thanks fred.

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Thanks Baris :smiley:

Don’t learn like that, knowing the components:

Learn this way, by a purpose:

If you learn the problems before the solutions, you will be able to understand new components by yourself.


Primer also @Tarkin: https://www.modelab.is/grasshopper-primer
Personally I prefer this to video tutorials, it seems to stick in the brain better (well mine, anyway).