Where can I find info on the size of a block?

I imported a large 62mb model made up of many blocks. I can live without some of the block elements. Knowing the size could help me decide which to delete. I could not find this info in Block Manager, Properties, or What. Is there a command that lists the size of blocks in a model?

Hello - are you looking for size as in memory use?


No. As relates to file size. e.g. If a model has 3 blocks and is a file size of 10mb, but deleting one of the blocks and purging it reduces the model file to 1mb. Where can I find the size info of the block, other than exporting it as it own model and reading that.

Hello - see if the attached script does you any good -

To use the Python script use RunPythonScript, or a macro:

_-RunPythonScript "Full path to py file inside double-quotes"

BigBlock.py (992 Bytes)

@CalypsoArt - updated to show a ranking…


Thanks Pascal. The script did return a suggestion of the largest block which is helpful.

I expect it is more difficult to do than I think, but It would be good to know the sizes for comparison. (I had assumed that data was readily available in the .3dm file) Here’s an example of why I would like it. If Bloc_1 is 10mb and Block_2 is 10.1mb, but Block_1 is less necessary and not missed if deleted, knowing those numbers is helpful to me.

This is an image of a model. The script suggested the “Feet” blocks at the bottom are largest. Though cool looking for my purposes, I can live without them. Removing them reduced the model from 62mb to 40mb.

you can try with this one also from @pascal: