Where are the docs that detail all the commands for sds modeling and please update help files

Where are the help files/docs that detail all the commands for sds modeling? the current V7 help file is woefully short on this info. This needs to be updated, in fact the small amount of typing involved is minuscule compared to time wasted in not publishing this information?

Recently I could have saved lots of time if I knew where to find this information and when I specifically asked for help and or tutorials on the inset command I was told to stick to nurbs modeling.

Take the inset command in the V7 help file it only shows insetting on multiple faces and doesn’t mention nor show how to inset on adjacent faces. Why do you not have the gumball hot key options to select adjacent faces listed in the help file?

If there is other documentation that lists all the gumball combinations etc to find these essential commands for sds modeling it would be most helpful to pin this subject. Also since I’m coming from Max for sds the names of things are different and certain commands behave differently, in Max the planarize command in Rhino is also a hidden process achieved via the gumball and scaling to zero. So please try to document this stuff. Also if there are documents somewhere please share the link.


I am sure more of our people will take a look at this thread.

The most current help information is here: https://docs.mcneel.com/rhino/7/help/en-us/commandlist/newinrhino7.htm

The videos are here: https://wiki.mcneel.com/rhino/7/tutorial/videos/subd

Although I could see having a losing of specific subd commands.

Thanks Scott the help files are in general are quite good, but some of these deeper gumball applications that are not listed as commands need to be documented in the help file with the commands they effect. I am sure there are others I am missing. Planarize by setting the gumball scale is one of them. I think that’s hard to find in the help file as pertains to sds modeling.
3dcoat has basic tutorials on only explaining the tools on youtube it would be cool to get something similar in Rhino especially for sds.

do you have a link to the 3d coat tutorials you mentioned? I’d be interested in seeing their presentation style.

Hi @theoutside
Thanks for your interest I really like this persons presentation his advanced tutorials are really nice as well.