Where are my custom Icons stored

A follow up problem for the toolbars not remaining where placed. I made some custom icons for commands. e.g. MU icon for “MakeUnique” in the RhinoTools plufin. These have disappeared. I doubt the .pngs are actually gone, but I don’t know where they are saved to reassign them to the commands.

Hello- if you make changes to toolbars, make sure that you SaveAs the default.rui to some other name, then make changes. default.rui is replaced on ToolbarReset (this should all be much more robust in V8, btw)


Thanks Pascal. Yes. I’m not on the default .rui, but on a saved version.

If your custom toolbars are in a file that is not called default.rui, then you should be able to load that file from where ever it is saved via Options > Toolbar page > File menu.


I’m not explaining clearly. The custom .rui is loaded. Although my toolbars are haywire, all the custom icons were there before. In a recent restart, a couple icons disappeared from a toolbar. I want to know where the icon .png files are saved so I can re-assign them to a new button/command through the Button editor>Edit>import bitmap dialogue.

Hello- the RUI file stores the bitmaps… if the missing ones are ours, from the default toolbars, I can send you the ones you need and you can import via that dialog.


Thanks Pascal, but these are custom .PNGs that I created and applied to buttons. It seems it’s just easier for me to recreate them. But this is the least of my worries considering the constant re-arranging of the toolbars by Rhino 7. (separate thread)

If possible, I would consolidate any multiple RUI files that you may have open into one …


I don’t know what you mean by that or how to do it. This is what I have there.