Where are export settings saved?

I’ve set up the parameters that I need for exporting to our CAM software. I want to share these settings will all of the other users. Where are those settings saved? They don’t appear to be in the .xml files, and I couldn’t find them in the registry (although I may be looking in the wrong places). As you can see below, I’ve added WorkNC to the list.





Hi Dan - I’ll see if I can find out - I’d expect it’s in the registry but I don’t see it yet.


%appdata%\Roaming\McNeel\Rhinoceros\6.0\Plug-ins\IGES Export Plug-in (7f0ca561-0c7c-4cea-b822-b95ebe71c409)\settings\settings-Scheme__Default.xml


Perfect. Thanks.

@tim Thanks for the info here - as a related question, I see for example the ACAD export settings in the same folder, but the .xml only shows what is the current “scheme”… Where are the actual scheme settings stored?

Thanks, --Mitch

I was just about to ask that. I noticed that my WorkNC setting isn’t in the location Tim specified.

I think in the case of acad it only saves values that are different than the default. I looked at the code and this was apparently done because you’d get an extra set of defaults for each language you had installed and this somehow fixed that (not my code, looks like that change occurred in September of 2008). With regard to settings alone, the acad plugin has changed minimally since V5, the code under the hood for saving and retrieving settings is all different now though.

Iges saves the whole set of options (altered or not) after the UI is complete. Probably less efficient but I haven’t heard anyone complaining about that yet.

Is WorkNC one of our plugins? I’m not familiar with that one. Is it a V6 plugin? If it is it’s supposed to write that stuff to %appdata%, not the registry. If it’s V5 it may still save that stuff to registry.

Sorry I missed that WorkNC was a setting for iges export. I just reread the thread. I’m a little baffled by that because I made “Tims iges flavor” to test and it was in that settings-Scheme__Default.xml file I mentioned at the end.

Hi Tim,

I just checked, and my WorkNC setting for IGES export is gone. Perhaps I didn’t save it correctly. I will try again and see if the WorkNC flavor appears in the xml.



Edit: There was something very bizarre going on here. The settings-Scheme_Default.xml was 1kb and contained about 12 lines. Now its 110 kb, and over 2200 lines. All of the flavors are there now, not just my new WorkNC entry.


Hi Dan,

Iges does save all of the settings. So that’s what you’re seeing there.


It’s odd that it wasn’t there to begin with, but it’s there now, and I can share it with the rest.

Thanks for your help,