Where am i doing mistake? i am providing my file with image and first image is the reference from that i took reference. Why am i not able to create meash?

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voronoi2new.gh (24.7 KB)

I have done everything right but mesh is not generate. why? please help

I’m not in front of a PC so haven’t opened your file.

In order to calculate the area of a polyline it must be both closed and planar. I assume that the C input has not been set to true. The red error on the area component will be giving too a clue similar to this. Plug a Boolean toggle in at the red arrow and set it to true, or right click and select invert

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yes red area disapper but still mesh not generated.


A few tips to help you:

  • the image you referenced in you original post uses groups (CTRL+G) and text (scribbles) to organise and explain. You should do this too. not only will it help anyone else understand, it will also help future you understand what you have done!

  • you are showing everything in the whole file. It helps to hide the preview of previous steps (right click)

  • you can also just view the selected components. I find this very helpful to understand whats going on

I’ve attached your file modified below.

voronoi2new.re.gh (20.5 KB)


10 mins organising make the same file look like this:

Does this make more sense?
Best of luck learning Grasshopper!

voronoi2new.re1.gh (18.8 KB)

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dharman thankyou a lot. You are great.