When will the mesher get an upgrade? Rhino mesher is much to slow


I got a NURBS data from my client and now I’m waiting for the Rhino mesher to get the model shown and ready for rendering. But … 7% CPU usage since a long time and no result in sight.

I feel like using a modern car, but with a steam engine. In comparison the MoI mesher is using >30% for a single object of my scene and all cores for meshing the scene with several objects. A progress window shows the progress and this is moving. At Rhino nothing happens.

What is the plan for the Rhino mesher? Will an update come soon?


And here a simple part - the classic problem for Rhino - a lot of holes in a small part and the mesher is not right working.

SlowMeshing2.zip (579.8 KB)

Good news - I found a solution, it was an installation issue of a plugin. Now it works, not perfect, but good enough. :slight_smile:

Normally, the mesher is one of the few functions in Rhino that can use all of the CPU…

I use the beta from 4 november and the CPU usage is 6% of my 2950x (16 threads).