When using Mesh to NURB, does the trim triangular faces option effect accuracy?

Is it better to trim or not? Also, is Mesh to NURB accurate in the first place?

You should read this:

No, it does not affect accuracy.
MeshToNurbs simply replaces each triangle in the mesh to a NURBS surface.
What do you want to do with the result?

As for accuracy, what do you mean? Each mesh face will be accurately converted in a NURBS surface. When you set the trimming to no, the NURBS surfaces will be trimmed rectangular surfaces whereas if you set it to yes, it will result in untrimmed surfaces that have one edge collapsed to a point.

@margaret, the option is not documented in the help file.

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Thanks. This option is only available in the “dash” version. I’ll get something in there.

No, it’s also available if you don’t preselect… Like a lot of other “hidden” Rhino options. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I just now edited the Wiki page on this command to reflect this info…

Right. Thanks Mitch.

In fact, this one is not available when you preselect even though you use the “dash” version…