When to add _Pause in a button and when not to?

I’m just curious, because I get seemingly the same behavior from all of these three on my button:

  1. ! _Trim _ApparentIntersections=No
  2. ! _Trim _ApparentIntersections=_No
  3. ! _Trim _Pause

A Pause is used to stop the macro temporarily to allow the user to choose some objects on-screen. A few commands only accept one object per pause, others as many as you need. If you need to select several objects in a command which only accepts one object per Pause, then you can use MultiPause instead of Pause (V6+). I think most of that stuff has been cleaned up for V6 though.

Ok, thank you. So I should only use it when needed, it seems.

What about =_No vs just =No?

The _Underscore forces the English command to be used. This is useful if you are writing macros that need to run in languages other than English. If that’s the case, all commands and options need the underscore.


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Thank you for the information!