When the grasshopper file doesn't open, how should I open it?

When the grasshopper file doesn’t open, how should I open it? Maybe it’s because the file itself is heavy.
I worked on it a month ago, but when I opened it to supplement it, it didn’t open.

To make the file lighter, I think we need to open this file and divide it into several chapters, so please tell me the solu
Site Modeling.gh (137.2 KB)

When you ask them to open the file, the rhinoceros itself stops.
My computer is a fairly high specification computer.

Hi -

Your file doesn’t have Rhino geometry internalized and uses a few plug-ins that I don’t have installed. Apart from that, it opens instantenously here.

If you don’t open the Rhino file with the geometry that is referenced, I would think that you’d have no problems opening that Grasshopper file and you can divide it as you want. You can also launch Grasshopper, disable the solver, and then open the file.