When Rhino 6 pro is releasing?

Dear discourse Friends,
Please some one let me know , when we will get Rhino 6 pro.
I mean when it will be the time for us to upgrade to Rhino 6.
Best regards

The classic answer is “when it’s ready” :wink: It is still in private work in progress beta. If version 6 follows in the steps of previous releases, as it progresses it will be release as a public beta. When you get to the release candidates, you are starting to get close. TL;DR answer, it’s probably going to be a bit.

Thanks for the reply. But I am asking this question, because I have to keep budget for Rhino licenses upgrades. So I need to know, if it is coming before mid 2016 or not.

I am preparing budget for next 6 months for my company. So want to make sure, I have counted Rhino licenses upgrades.
I have Rhino 6 Beta.

Rhino 6 isn’t even in “beta” officially yet, and the Beta phase lasts at least 6 months, so no it’s not coming soon.