When PointContainment returns Unset?


When PointContainment returns Unset?

I am checking the point inclusion like this:
PointContainment pCon0 = c.Contains(plane.ClosestPoint(pt0), plane, Rhino.RhinoDoc.ActiveDoc.ModelAbsoluteTolerance);

The plane is valid, the point is valid, the curve is closed and valid as well.

When input testPoint or plane is Unset:

var pCon0 = c.Contains(pt0, Plane.Unset 0.01);
var pCon0 = c.Contains(Point3d.Unset, Plane.WorldXY, 0.01);

PointContainment.gh (1.9 KB)

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Thank you.

Then I have a question when this function returns Point3d.Unset:

Curve.PointAtNormalizedLength ?

When points are at the same position.