When perimeter cut, but got inverse result, why?

When I try perimeter cut, I got the inverse result. I mean the curves are cutted but the output is the inner part of the bowl and not the outer part. Could you help me please ? Thank you very much for your help !
Issue screenshot is in attachment!

bowlBuilderTemplate_v5.gh (46.2 KB)

  1. I can’t really see the geoetry on your file, it would help if you could internalize your data on curves. I would also recomment using merge or entwine component depending on your need to be able to maintain the order as you’d like.

I think I understand your problem. It is probably that some of your geometries facing up and the others facing down. You want all your geometries to be drawn counter-clockwise. So if you flip the ones that seems to be the problem that should be fine.

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The situation is more complicated than expected.
Anyway, thank you all the same.
I have chosen another solution which I write a python script to handle this