When is the expected release? Price?

Is there any idea as to RH6 expected release date? Also ballpark on Price? I was hoping the expense would be for this tax year.

Hello- no date has been set but it is not going to be before the end of this year. I have no idea about pricing.


I heard rumors they are going subscription only. And V6 is the last version you install in your machine, starting on V7 Rhino will be cloud-only. To keep up with the times I guess.

…ok that was a terrible joke, I realize that this could get John’s email inundated. Sorry!


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Then the rumors you heard are wrong.

We have NO plans for moving to a subscription licensing model.

I don’t even know if a “Cloud” version of Rhino is possible.

John and the Rhino crew,

You are so wonderful! In comparison, over at DroneDeploy, which I use for flying my drone and 3D modeling of my forest, they are subscription only; the Pro plan runs $99/month but you can only export the 3D obj and 2D orthographic map and elevation models. But the export of the 2D models does not include elevation data. For contours and export of elevation data, a Business plan @ at $299/month is required. So I am using a Pro plan, exporting the 3D obj model to Rhino, draping the mesh to create a surface and using rs.AddSrfContourCrvs with a little post processing in order to get already interesting contour maps for my forest:

Black 1’ increments, red 5’, yellow 10’, blue 50’. So the tallest trees, relative to my reference point at 0’, are just over 94’ tall. Very easy to see.

I plan on using this procedure to monitor the growth of my forest over time. It could be used for crops also, probably at lower cost that existing solutions.

DroneDeploy does have a very nice system; it automatically flies missions with your drone while obeying FAA recommendations and, in my case, processes the pictures taken at a 300’ altitude above the takeoff point to create a 3D model with enough fidelity that it captures the 1/4"/ft. slope of my driveways over 100’s of feet in the horizontal direction. This amazes me.

Rhino is the best invention since sliced bread. I am totally in love with using it, along with complex Python scripts, in order to create my 3D CNC parts and to process the DroneDeploy 3D model into various maps exquisitely customized to my needs. Please keep up the good work! It is some of the best on the planet Earth (says the soon to be 70-year old that has been around awhile (4 years at Tektronix, 16 years at Thomas J. Watson Research Center and 19 years at Intel helping to design the Intel i7 chip that is probably in your computer right now)). Go Rhino go! Go Rhino go! Go Rhino go! Oops, did I say that 3 times? I am not sorry.


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Great work Terry!