When i use showedge command, 2 points are highlighted

3.3dm (231.9 KB)

please anyone give me tips!

when i use showedges command, 2 points are highlighted. one is detected as open edge and i dont know about the other point.

my question is:
-how can i fix the open edge? when i close it up, the edge looks like that it is floating in the air.(the second pic) i can’t delete it. i can’t join the edge cos it is not a pair of edges. what kind of situation is it in?

-the other point doesnt seem an open edge. so what does this point mean?

Hello - first, try RemoveAllNakedMicroEdges but I suspect that will not get everything - I’ll take a look.

Yeah … lots of edges out of tolerance on this thing… if you Explode and RebuildEdges you’ll see where many of the problems are

  • how was this thing made? Did you use JoinEdge by any chance?


umm, i made all surfaces first and then trimmed unwanted parts one by one. so mostly trimmed surfaces.

yes, i often used joinedge command. this image would help me a lot. will check my model. thanks at the moment!

Hello - please see Help on the JoinEdge command - in general do not use this command - use Join - if Join fails, figure out why and fix…


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