When I Offset Surface (up) and Join, it results in 144 Naked Edges

Good morning! Rhino newbie here…first I split the surface of the pendant with the leaves pattern. However, when I try to surface offset the leaves pattern with white arrows up 0.25mm (solid=yes) and join everything, it results in 144 naked edges. Any ideas how I can offset the pattern up and join successfully (i.e. no naked edges)? See attached file. If you SELECT ALL and JOIN and SHOW EDGES, then you will see my issue!! Thank you!

(NOTE: if I surface offset the same leaves pattern with white arrows down 0.5mm (solid=yes), extract the surfaces (i.e. leaves) and join everything, it results in a solid object with 0 naked edges.)

Leaves border-surface offset up-naked edges.3dm (2.6 MB)

Hi Kate - is the goal to have a shell of the overall object (ring with embossed pattern) at .25 thickness?
I guess the problem you are reporting is that offsetting the leaf detail by .25 results in an object that is not closed, correct?
I’d offset one, fix the naked edges, then ArrayPolar the fixed one around. I am not sure what you intend to do next however.


Hi Pascal, thank you for your reply. I get the polar array part, but how I would fix the naked edges on the offset one? I realized also that I was overthinking it. I just tried extruding the curves of one leaf, dropping the height very slightly to intersect the ring, polar array and boolean and that worked!

Hi Kate - to fix the offsets:

  • use ShowEdges to see where the nakeds are.
  • ExtractSrf the surfaces at the edges.
  • ShrinkTrimmedSrf
  • MatchSrf (for Position is OK here) the fillet surface to the opposite one across the edge.
  • Join.


Pascal - thank you - a little too advanced for me at this time :confused: no worries though - I’ll make a note of it for future reference.

Let’s see if this clip will upload -

Might be too big…


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