When file units = ft, Dim Styles wrongly labled!

  1. Create a new file with units as feet.
  2. Draw some random dimension line.
  3. Set the dimension line to use ‘Inch Decimal’ or ‘Inch Fractional’.

When I draw dimension 1.5 feet (1’ 6"), my dimension tells me it’s [ 1.5 ] when in ‘Inch Decimal’.

That is clearly misleading. What I am seeing is ‘Foot Decimal’, not ‘Inch Decimal’. Does that make sense? Perhaps ‘Inch Fractional’ and ‘Inch Decimal’ should be renamed to ‘Unit Fractional’ and ‘Unit Decimal’?

Yes, the named dim style does seem confusing.
As you point out, it is in fact displaying decimal feet.
Would it be any more or less confusing if it were labeled “Unit Decimal” instead?
While I think “Unit Decimal” would be more accurate, I think it would be very confusing to users.

Valid point!

If my units were in mm, or any other units besides INCH, then the labels for the DIM styles would also be wrong.

How about “Decimal” and “Fractional” ?