What's wrong with this macro?


dupborder does not work on the extracted mesh faces. I thought it can’t get any simpler than that, but I am stuck : )
Any help would be appreciated!


Hi Jarek- you need to Pause for user input:

_Pause _Pause


Hmmm, thanks Pascal - tried that before… It gets the parts extracted, but still no DupBorders. Does it work OK on your end?
(V5 64-bit SR 11 here)

So it looks like I need a Pause for each pick within the ExtractMeshPart command? Your macro works well with 1 pick, but not many. I need to be able to select multiple faces. What I am after in general is automated way to get an outline of a mesh part, ideally without even affecting the mesh.
(a WISH for V6? )


I see, like DupFaceBorder, but for a ‘mesh part’. I’ll put it on the heap…


For now, you can probably just put in way more Pauses than you are likely yto need, and that should cover it, using a macro. LIke so, but with as many Pauses as you need plus a couple:

! ExtractMeshPart
Pause Pause Pause Pause
Undo Undo


Exactly. Thanks Pascal!


Hi @pascal

I have just tested the new ExtractMeshPart in WIP - the new option to duplicate border works great, but we took a step backward on the picking faces part - before, once one face was picked, the whole ‘part’ area go selected/highlighted dynamically. Now it only shows single faces until you finish picking. This is not very convenient, ideally we would have the old behavior back with the "dup border only’ option.



Hi Jarek - if you mean the face highlighting, then yes, that was my reaction as well - I prefer to see the faces light up even if only the border is made. We thought we’d see how real users react… I think we can change that.



Hi Pascal, I meant once I click one face, all faces within the part will interactively highlight (as before).
And yes, whether we pick border only or faces, they should stay highlighted until the end of command.

Hi @pascal - one more thought on the ExtractMeshPart functionality - would it be possible to allow window-select faces, instead of single pick only? In that case, the “Part” based on each selected face would get selected/highlighted.