What's wrong with this dialogue? Seg-GhCommon component

Here is the screen shot, everytime I start the Grasshopper, it jump out.
How to fix it ?
many thanks

Means you have this installed: https://www.grasshopper3d.com/group/seg-common and that it requires a more updated Rhino version than you currently have.

So, that means I will have to a new Rhino ?
Now, it is already 6.8,
once I think it is higher enough


The plug-in requires 6.10, just update to the latest service release, it’s free. Frankly I wouldn’t even know how to update to not the latest release.

Many thanks!
Later I will make a try to 6.10

FWIW, the current service release has been SR 11 for over a month now.

Wanna keep up with the update