What's the right approach to modeling this surface?

I’ve spent an embarrassing amount of time on this mouse but barely make progress. Could you point me to the right direction? What’s the best approach to surface this mouse? I have problems trying to make the top part and the side part have a smooth transition as in the image.

Hello - that is not all that easy or trivial a shape to make - it looks like a decent candidate for SubD modeling in V7; Sufacing might be more accurate, ultimately, but not an easy project - though it depends on what the goal is - ‘about like this’ or ‘exactly like this, as close as I can get it’.

Post your file with questions and I’ll try to help.


Thank you for offering me help. Here’s the file with the profile curves: M510 Mouse.3dm (628.3 KB)

I encounter problem like this:


maybe this helps:

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Thank you, I’ve successfuly made this mouse.