What's the difference between the "GetContainers" and "GetReferences" methods?

In the InstanceDefinition class, what’s the difference between the “GetContainers” and “GetReferences” methods ?

I can find no trace of that “CRhinoInstanceObjects (inserts)” thing .
Is there a difference between an “insert”(never heard of that one) and an “instance”… ?

looking at the return type the first returns instance definitions and the second the instances (the actual inserted blocks)

Oh yeah, makes sense. I was put of by this “Inserts” term which I never heard in any of the blocks -themed cocktail parties I’ve attended.

I wonder if this “UsesDefinition” Method can tell me if a block contains “any block”, or if it absolutely requires a block index…

EDIT : no :frowning:

That means you can’t tell if a block contains other blocks other than by testing if it contains all the other blocks in your model. Not very convenient.

I therefore have to list the content of each definition to sort the ones containing other blocks :

It’s “Heavy”…