What's a good way to detect skinny long mesh?

Any good ideas to detect super long and skinny meshes in order to delete those?

Thank you

Ratio of incircle radius to circumcircle radius is one good measure of triangle quality. Alternatively, just checking if the smallest angle is above some threshold.

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I would deconstruct mesh, make union bounding box of vertices, make a plane from vertices, use it for bb reference, deconstruct brep, find longest edge, filter meshes out on that lenght…

You could for instance get the Bounding Box of each individual mesh. You can get the diagonal vector of the boxes with Box Properties. The vector lengths of the diagonals can now be compared to a threshold. If the diagonal length is for instance bigger than a given threshold the corresponding mesh gets culled/filtered out.

Just as @DanielPiker mentioned above…


Thanks Yall