What'd I miss? ;)

I’ve been out of the game a bit this year, but now with life settling a bit, I’m back at it. I just wanted to say “hi” and I missed you all. Looking forward to catching up on all that I have missed.

I hope everyone is well,


Hi Sam - great! good to see you! Welcome back…What you missed is a discussion about Boolea… - oh never mind. V6 is scraping along nicely - see the Serengeti group for that latest and greatest.



Good to see you back Sam! You still messing around with Octane?

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I still use it, but not writing scripts or developing for it. As far as I know, paulphysicalc is to thank for the Rhino Octane plug-in.

Yeah, Paul is doing a great job these days but you were there for us Rhino/Octane guys back in the day! Thanks again for your efforts. I look back through my files and wonder what I should do with all those exports to Octane but so much easier to render within Rhino. I hardly use the Standalone these days but realise I probably should not lose those skills.

Hi Sam,

Good to see the melon cat again!
Hope life was not too rough on you and things are for the better now. Yet hope is often not enough and life can be rough regardless, in any case, good to see a familiar face again.


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