What wrong with Boolean difference

I have used Boolean difference object in Rhino V7 but is missing object in grouped . Is this program wrong or am I wrong?

Boolean never work great when the objects share exactly overlapping faces. Make the parts you want to remove bigger in the directions that they don’t need to cut into so they exceed the bounds of the other object.

I know that but it works fine on the Rhino V6

Are you sure all your tolerances are set the same? If it worked on 6 doesn’t mean it should in 7. This situation actually shouldn’t work so the fact that it did in 6 I would say is just luck. Don’t rely on bad practices down the road, just do it the way it should be done.

If you have a file that works in 6 but doesn’t in 7, please post it so someone can look.

Hello - if the problem is in how grouped objects are handled in Boolean operations, that is indeed a bug if the objects are extrusions. You can get the fixed (7.5) version by changing the ‘Update frequency’ in Options > Updates and Statistics page to ‘Service release candidate’