What would it take to add stations to a survey route? A road survey? A railroad with spiral easements? A joined curve line allready gives most of the information

Brian J.,

I am sorry for bothering you. The problem gust got to me. I was trying to fix the file “Fine Mullions 068" by removing the mesh faces around the letters and making correct faces.

E-mailed for help.

And just backed up and made a new mesh resulting in file “Fine Mullions 056". The left object.

I am using Rhino 5


Zipped: Fine Mullions 068
Zipped: Fine Mullions 056

Hi @WPlayford

It’s a good idea to use @ when mentioning other users - it makes it easier for them to spot. So @BrianJ, have a look :slight_smile:
HTH, Jakob

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@WPlayford But I’m not sure the request matches the topic title… And there’s nothing actually uploaded.


Hi @WPlayford , no bother at all. I looked in our tech@mcneel.com account and the last email I have from you there was on June 2nd. Did you send a 3dm there recently? You can post it here too when clicking the up arrow icon in the reply box. With that said please explain the specific question when you do too, I’m not sure I understand yet but maybe the file will help.

Hi @BrianJ
No nothing to add. I had to add to an old survey rout, that had been first set up using a UNIX machine and then added to with ACAD. I find to bad that I don’t have an easy way to add or change those old notes and drawings.

Okay thanks for the extra details. If you post or send over that old file I can run it by some of our drafting pros to see if editing the notes and drawings is possible.

Hiit will take some time it is in with one hundred other surveys, converted to 3dm files. I wills end asp.