What was Your Favorite/Most Useful V5 Feature, And Why?

Sometimes it’s good to see where you’ve been to see where to go.
What was your favorite/most useful version 5 feature, and why?

Although, there were a lot of new features, many of which I occasionally use, my favorites where: Solidpts on, 64-bit, Block-Edit, and the Gumball. I also liked the upgraded button bars because they are more stable.

Thank you, all.

Sub-Object editing! It just makes life so much easier :-)!


64-bit, yes. I never use any of the others you mention. I don’t always remember what wasn’t in RH4 but I would say that, for me, it would be ClippingPlanes. Now I don’t have to constantly chop up my models to bring across visuals to others.

I’m relatively new to modeling in Rhino, but I hated the gumball when first tried to use it. Now it is on most all the time.
I hope the subdivision part of this new v6 will be what keeps people right in Rhino .great work developers and users

64 bit (of course), Sub-object editing, Gumball, Python/RhinoCommon, Display modes…

Gumball, SolidPtOn, Toolbars, Python

cutting planes

cutting planes
panel display
History on sweep

Neon: Excellent for material changes, setting up light, evaluating design.

Advanced display mode:
Realtime shadows: sun study, better emotional connection with design (feels more like real life, important for evaluation)
Technical display: fast presentation of concept, wish for full Penguin replacement.

Python: robust programming
Sub selection: Direct manipulation, great for early sketching of concept design.
Gumball, faster manipulation, good for immersion with improved focus on change.

Added history support: good for simple “feature” driven concepts. Big wish for further improvements like a history tree and full access to all history parameters for the children.

Extrusion objects are more of a hassle than an improvement just because of the lack of point editing of the initial curve, and no parameter adjustment for extrusion length or direction. If added then I’ll love it :wink:

In order of happines provided:
and History on a lot of things! (hurts so much to use Rhino 4 at work and don’t have history on pipes and sweeps)

Yes, it would be great,
but for me the most important would be to make history available for all comands possible.

Sub-object selection!


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ReduceMesh was one of the top additions - does amazing job on variety of occasions. Just want to say ‘thanks!’ again for this particular feature.

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Gumball ( I hope it keeps improving the interface and features)
64 bits
Clipping Plane (I wish it could work with correct lighting in Neon or any other renderer)
Display Modes and Display tab (incredible realtime previews with enviromental maps + Shadow)
Toolbars ( I don’t use too much the top tabs but I love the once on the side)
Named views with preview ( I use it all the time and also export or import cameras from other files)