What version Visual Studio 2013?

I may have made a mistake… I just installed Visual Studio Community 2013 not realizing that Visual Studio Express was a much smaller load. Is there any advantage to one over the other as I port my Python app to a GUI based plugin?

What does that mean?

The install was over 10 GB… the express install is less than 5 GB.I don’t know if I have just overwhelmed my learning curve with more overhead than required.
Does VS Community 2013 work per the “Make Plug-ins with Visual Studio Express 2013” instructions or is the working environment more complicated?

Again, I’m new to this programming stuff. I’ve got the core of my Python app functioning well and want to move forward with a GUI.

From my quick glance at the Microsoft description, it looks like community edition is exactly the same as the express edition except they bundled a few extra packages in for doing cross platform development. I doubt there will be any difference for what you are doing.

It’s more than that - community is the new name for the complete pro version now that they’ve made it free. That means you have access to a full debugger (with “attach to process”, critical do doing any rhino or GH plugin debugging). You also don’t need to install all the modules for the VS community installer if you won’t be using them.

Very interesting. This will be good to know about

@dale, you may be interested in knowing about this.

Yep, I’ve heard of it. The real difference between this an Pro is in the license agreement.


So the question becomes would VS-Community be the recommended IDE for WPF and MVVM development going forward?
Again - I have my Python core working and want to build a GUI for it. I do imagine the app growing in complexity over time but believe (at present) there is nothing in there that can’t be handled by Python.

I am new to programming for Rhino but have strong HTML5/CSS skills and built a small VB app 15 years ago (;-)>. I don’t have a sense of why I would prefer C++ or C# over any other approach. I am looking forward to the learning curve… I just don’t need to over complicate that process.

Thus what modules would I want to load for this project?

Thanks for your input.

Way down the road (beyond V5 for Windows) we are hoping to have libraries that will make creating user interface with python much easier. This is still just a “plan for the future” and can be considered as vaporware until we actually have something to share.

For now, I would stick with SharpDevelop’s Windows Forms editor for creating UI with python.