What tool Edits Solids with XYZ Grid Points?

Hi Experts,
I have used this tool many times, but can’t now recall the name of it. I would have thought “Box Edit” but this is just the plugin panel that allows objects to be edited in simple ways.

The tool works like this;

If you have any solid, you can set up a box grid in all 3 axes, around the solid. You can specify the number of points in XY and Z.

Once this box is set up, you can grab any number of points, and push, pull, stretch them in any direction to alter the shape of the solid, almost in an organic, or artistic fashion. What is this tool called ??

Also, is there a list of all Rhino tools available? I know the list would be long, but this would be good to have. I’d like to see what tools I’m unfamiliar with, all 3 billion of them. I use V4, yes, old, I know.

Thank you, Tom Kay, Ottawa.

Cage Edit ?

Transform > Cage Edit

Yes !! That’s it.

To you, I extend one perfectly masculin, friendly hug. Or a beer.

I find it hard to remember all the tools, especially if I haven’t used them for a while. Expect more questions.

Cheers, Tom.

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hit the solution box please

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OK, I hit the word “Solution” and it sat there and blinked at me like young child at a plasma physics lecture.

So I suspect that this is not the solution box. Where might I find such a box ? It’s not exactly making itself obvious on my page.

Anyway, thanks. Fred has nailed it.


I think you understood what I meant. It helps distinguish solved and unsolved topics.

Actually I didn’t understand what you meant. But I do now. It’s Rhino’s way of saying “this ticket has been serviced.”