What to do with this naked edge?

Hi, I’m kind of stumped as to how to fix these naked edges. It looks like it wasn’t extruded on the very ends or something. Any help is appreciated. Thanks, SusanHawk Bracelet 2018.3dm (3.9 MB)

Well, it looks like it was extruded to union with a ring-type thing below. This is to be a bracelet, yes? All you need is the wrist band.

It looks like a surface is missing. What was the design intent? How was the object created; in particular the edges at the wing tips?

I used control point curves to make the closed planar curve, then I extruded it, then I did flow along curve. It is going to be a bracelet but I was hoping you could tell me how I could rebuild the part of the extrusion that is missing. I can always start all over again, I was just hoping someone had the magic answer I didn’t have. Susan

Can you post a file with the closed planar curve, the extrusion, and the curve you flowed along?

If you want a thick version of the shape without a center groove then delete all surfaces except the outer face. Then OffsetSrf with Solid=Yes and Loose=Yes
Hawk Bracelet 2018 DC01.3dm (1.1 MB)

That doesn’t answer the question of what caused the missing surface.

@pascal, unrelated to the OP question, if i open this file (coming from a mac) on a windows version of RH6, the preview image in the recent file list is just a fully red picture.


Hi Susan, nice Hawk profile,
BooleanDifference would help here if you choose the offset-solid route. If you rotate the hawk surface to align with world coords first, it will be easier to create the solid to subtract.

Hi Clement - yep, I’ve seen this as well the last couple of days, I’ll check it.