What to do after DivideAlongCreases fails?


My model seems clean to me and is watertight, however during my finishing steps involving fillets and chamfers I always hit the “… X objects with creased surfaces…” wall that then prompts me to use the mysterious DivideAlongCreases command.

After using it once, and proceeding with the fillets I hit the wall again. Now DivideAlongCreases doesn’t work any more.

How can I proceed further? How do I even know which surfaces are creased?

ccd.3dm (11.0 MB)

I exploded the object, ran the DivideAlongCreases with Kink only (returned “nothing done”) and joined back up and then it works fine.

Or fine is an overstatement…
@pascal can you take a look at this, I really expect Rhino to handle simple situations like this in 2022:

Check this out, I recreated the situation by booling two boxes, where one had a moved face, and 0.5 works fine, 1 fails and 2 works fine… seems like a bug.
It starts failing at 0.9 sharp. (0.8999 works fine)
and starts working again at 1.038… Go figure :slight_smile:

It might be related, but I have no idea!

Odd Fillet bug.3dm (448.1 KB)

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Nice, workaround. Thanks!

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Hi All - just fyi, the DivideAlongCreases > SplitAtTangents=Yes tool works on polysurfaces, no need to explode.
In this case it seems the explode/join part is the key, if dividing did nothing - meaning the fault may lie in the order of the join… dunno

RH-69155 Filletedge does not allow edge selection.


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I’m using Rhino for Mac on Apple Silicon, if that matters.

Hello - thanks - this one is the same on a Windows machine, in V7 and 8.\


One edge is about 73° G1-discontinuous. Explode/join adds a vertex at the discontinuity.
The location of the missing vertex is:

_Point w46.80348254681459,-3.575041786226399,2.21873271870618

Hi Steve - thanks, yeah, the developer found a kinky edge and some other stuff as well that was not right, last I heard.


Hei Jørgen -

I’ve added this one as RH-69169.

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