What stl export settings for where an accuracy of 0.1mm is sufficient?


I exported a 600mm dia object on standard stl default settings, i.e. just went with what presented itself, and opening it into Rhino it is black, zooming in I see a 3mm dia half sphere with what looks like far too many triangles.

Any suggestions on what numbers to alter should this prove too much for recipients MDF milling prog are welcome.

Has this 3mm dia sphere too many triangles for what will be milled from mdf ?

Where can I look to analyze the file ?

Owner of milling device/prog has no idea what is best or required.


Hi Steve- see http://wiki.mcneel.com/rhino/stlinfo?s[]=mesh&s[]=faq


I see there suggestions for 3D printing and Jewellery, but MDF milling with 1mm cutter being finest and increments in cutters of 0.5mm , requires I would think something less again, than for 3D printing. Few users have put forward what they find works beyond those two ‘sciences’.


No, not really.

That’s probably the main problem, suggest you find a supplier who does know what’s best or required.

A lot of the “requirements” will vary according to the type of machine and machine control the supplier has, what kind of computer equipment they have, what kind of CAM software they have and their skill as an operator. For example, oftentimes a better, finer STL will make a smoother, faster cut even when rough milling, provided your software and machine can handle it.

Just use “Simple controls” and set it to 0.01, it will probably be fine.