What solution to dimensions partly submerged yet definitely on surface?

have selected edge of an object, a planar face with simple edge, nothing causing the error object wise, placed dimension yet the number and arrow tips and line are only visible beyond the surface as if I placed it on the far side of the object. I can use bring forward and it appears, BUT on the view pane of the far face its also then there and I dont want it visible there as the details there are different to the side I placed it so its then confusing and extra clutter especially if I have dims to go there as well.

e.g why have a dimension of the height of the front door when the rear of the house hasnt a door yet sees this dimension as well when viewed.
I have placed it a few times, no joy.

it looks fine in perspective view and its definitely on a flat planar surface edge, it was a simple structure anyway. yet enter ortho view and its overridden by the surface.

what is the solution
I bet in another project dims would all behave themselves, I get this from time to time and pull my hair out, spend all my time instead of creating things instead trying to sort out sunken dims.


Hi Steve- I do not see a good way to get what you want here - Draw order is global, as you’ve seen and there is no other control than 3d location.