What software to create a animation with AI technology?

Hi everyone,
I am Thierry, I am new to here and I did not find my answer searching in the previous topics from Rhino community. That’s why I create a new one.
Here is my question :
I learn to create 3D models with Rhino, I did several few ones. I would like to animate them and what I see is to include my 3D file into the prompt to create a video. It could be a 3D video or a text to video prompt including my 3D file to make a normal video (not necessary 3D animation requested. I just need to animate my product and include it into a scene.

Example : I create a 3D jewelry ring, and I would like to make a video of this file where we see a lady wearing this ring on her hand… Also, another animation would be just seeing the product with a path and target for the camera through a scene… Like Rhinon could do but I think it’s quite primary approach for 2024… I am definitly for AI tools.

what I may found i tto export the Rhino 3D file in GLB format and integrate it into Adobe After Effect…

Thank you for your advise and point of views,

Hello Tiouy,

Sorry, but I am at a lost as to what AI has to do with your objective.

On this thread:

are some links relevant to animating an object.

I would like to animate an object along a curve vs the camera. I believe the only option now possible: Is the animation of the camera along a curve within solely Rhino. Further rational / information on this matter is at the online help page.

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Thank you Andy, I will explore possibilities with GH
Mostly, AI interfaces are intuitive and enough for what I need to express in term of image. IA would help me to save time to set everything for me, I like the intuitive interfaces that some website propose to make video, etc.

Hello Tiouy,

ok. Thank you for your explanation as to how AI fits in with your work flow. Just a “hunch” but based on my experience so far with using AI, these systems by no means can inference. Not even close. So given that my inference is correct in that the scenes you are designing have as central object[s] jewelry with gemstone[s], than, if, your intent is to have the environment be as close as possible to that which one would view the tangible object, that detailed prompts [ a description of such] will be needed to have your best chance of achieving your goal. For example, if your scene has a nice diamond ring with the central stone of 1.5 ct along with a model of a hand… Your goal is to animate the ring to fit onto a finger of the hand. The intent is also that the scene is as one might normally view this ring - daylight, little [ or perhaps more so] overcast, then your prompt[s] are going to need to detail this translated into technical terms X Kelvin temperature etc. because I really doubt the AI system will infer these sort of technicalities and thus “automatically” set the scene as such.

Now if I am wrong about this please kindly let me know - please post such in a response of this thread. If it turns out that I am significantly misguided in this, the more so I would like to know. I am of the “camp” that only a fool argues with or denies the “truth”. Being wrong means one needs to change and learn.

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What you are specifically asking for does not exist for regular people to use at this time. What you’re asking for is the ultimate endgame of this tech, not the impressive-but-still-uncanny-valley-horrors we have so far. Where would you have even gotten the idea this is where we’re at now?

I mean, there’s stuff you could probably do–variant on the techniques used to make crap like “Balenciaga Harry Potter” that was fun for 2 minutes–to get a result that would be awful. It IS possible to feed a screenshot into an AI ‘renderer’ that could possibly place it in a shot then…uh make the model bob her head.

OK guys, I see, I am probably going to far with my imagination. Of course, AI seems to me like a solution to make me more free and helpt to express my creativity. We are all looking for that here I guess :wink:
I will definitely let you know about my research and how it evolves, cheers !