What should Cen Osnap do with planar polylines or derived surfaces?

In the attached, Cen osnap uses the average of the polyline (or surface edge ) vertices. My question is this: which is the more logical “center”, the above average or the area centroid?

–MitchCenterOsnap.3dm (26.4 KB)

I vote for the area centroid.

Two more “logical” centers:

  • Center of the bounding rectangle which depends on the coordinate system orientation.
  • Center of the bounding circle which is independent of the coordinate system orientation.

I came across this situation today running around a series of tiny circles using cen osnap to place cross hairs - when close to the polyline the snap would head for the vertices average.

Referring to the thread topic, I vote for area centroid snap, can’t think of a time when I’ve needed to find the vertices average in everyday modeling.

I would rather see an exclusive circle / arc center snap as well as a closed polyline snap, with a setting to find the area centroid, the bounding rectangle center or the vertices average. Or if they must be combined with arcs, the ability to turn off the polyline option.