What settings influence pick choice as I see the line but pick omits it from options

I can see the line, yet sometimes need to zoom in more than should be, and was used to in V4, to get the pick choice to add it to the list featuring other items at that location, one behind the other.


It depends on the command.
Commands that work on surfaces will not allow selection of curves or meshes.
Commands that work on meshes will not allow selections of surfaces, curves, polysurfaces, text, etc.
If you preselect objects and run a command that they are not appropriate inputs for, Rhino deselects and prompts you to select objects again.

Hi John,
It was a command such as InterpCrv or draw a line, or move etc.


InterpCrv will select curves and surface edges.
Line doesn’t ask you to select any objects.
Move will select anything provided it isn’t Locked or in the model if you’re in Layout space.
There also is a new V5 SelectionFilter tool that you can use to block selection of specific object classes.