What setting to make grid same spacing in all ortho views?

I have googled this, help searched it, cant find mention of ‘spacing same all ortho views’

Again wish there was a database where keywords matched led to an article.

so match grid ortho spacing same finds the article given those key words.

anyhow having failed to find anything, what setting makes the grid scale the same amount in all ortho views ?


The visible grid is a document property and its cell spacing is uniform for all views/CPlanes. As it is measurement based and not view based, different zoom levels will make the view have larger or smaller squares as seen on screen. There is no workaround for this that I know.

For each display mode, you can vary the grid properties and extents, but not the cell size as far as I know.

One idea that might work is to hide the grid and use an image of the grid as Wallpaper - which does not change size as you zoom. Will take some fiddling with the image size though to get it to be just the size you need.

I think you can link the viewports, the zoom you make in one will be the same in the others.

Try SynchronizeViews

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Diego Krause…that did it, zoom and all three grids same cell size and scale same time.
Fred_C thanks, …well thats odd as that link says it does same as the linked viewports, but I ran it before Diego’s and nothing happened.

The SynchronizeViews command gives the same result as using Options > View > Linked Viewport.

er um no it doesnt, not for me anyway !
how odd, .

should McNeel need to know of this ?


SynchronizeViews is a one-shot. Activating linked viewports is a ‘permanent’ (continuous) view synchronization command (Rhino option).