What rhino commands do you use on a regular basis and think others don't know about?

Made my day! That command is awesome!

Enabling Spell Checker in the text field command
give it try



I had forgotten about it until a recent thread. It allows a point on a curve or surface to be moved to an exact location while minimizing the change to the curve or surface.


Thanks for this. I’ve used it forever in AC, but never imagined it was available in Rhino.

Any reason extrude curve and extrude surface are still two different commands?

Hello - for one thing it removes the selection ambiguity that would drive people crazy if they were combined.


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I never thought about that. It makes a lot of sense.

I was thinking that it’s interesting how some commands are split for various object types to simplify command selection.

I’m a pre-select type of user. So I wonder if the same logic could be reverse for those and some other commands. For example, if I preselect a curve, when I type in the command line the word ‘extru’ the autocomplete should give extrude curve at the fist option, because the autocomplete logic listed to the selection state and inferred this is a curves-related command Thai user is GPU v to be looking for now.

Another more useful example. When I type ‘extract’ the command lien shortly only autocomplete to the type of Extract commands that would be applicable to my selection.


One exception from that rule is the ! _PointsOn, which will still evoke a selection pop-up window upon clicking on a curve near a surface, because it shows the control points of both object types. Unlike it, the ! _SolidPtOn command only works on polysurfaces.

smooth curve or surface = single span curve or surface = one more control point than degree

SetColorScheme command changes background color (to dark or light). I use it to make dark background. Rhino must be restarted to make it work. ​The SetColorScheme is not perfect because it makes some texts invisible. This bug will be fixed in Rhino 8.