What rhino commands do you use on a regular basis and think others don't know about?

A couple of recent discoveries:

RemoveAllNakedMicroEdges (I mean, who would ever want naked micro edges? Should be automatic, with a threshold setting maybe… :slight_smile:

And I can’t believe how long I’ve used Rhino without knowing that double-clicking an edge auto-chains tangent edges for example in FilletEdge command. How many times have I painstakingly gone around picking edges one-by-one…big Face-Palm moment for me the other day…

(ah, feel a bit less foolish knowing this only possible with R7 lol…


I use this command

Then specify my dimension layer and lock it, this will make sure whenever I add dimensions to my design model, it will automatically be sorted under my specified layer.


I wish there are more similar commands for text, hatches and annotations.

Also I added what I’ve learned from this thread to use this command as a part of my typical workflow:


Wow-- I did not know about this one. Thank you!

Have seen a reverse engineering workflow from scan data using 3dsmax but would much prefer to see it done in Rhino 7. Brian, has anyone done a video of this process you are describing (where SetObjectDisplayMode is just a small part of the process)?

an experimental command (test it on your system) :
This will let rhino use all of your CPU cores to generate render meshes for display.
I find it really helpful for me especially when I work with large files, I added this command to the start-up commands.
Testing on a 4.5M Polygonal Nurbs
1- Single Threaded Meshing took :

2- Multi Threaded Meshing took:

Whoever working on this feature here is a big “Thank You <3”

^^^^The above post will be updated once this commands graduates to be an official command^^^


Interestingly, on my Rhino 7 this hidden test command actually removes the custom object viewport modes set to certain objects via the ! _SetObjectDisplayMode command. The exact same scene opens properly when the test command is not active. :slight_smile:

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Yes, It does the same for me, still a test command. let’s hope to see it done soon.

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Good catch, thanks, I’ll test this.

This seems to have been fixed, or I am doing it wrong:

TestEnableMultiThreadedMeshing in my startup commands.
I save a file with a box set to rendered mode.
Close Rhino, reopen and open the file - the object display mode is intact.


I just downloaded the latest Rhino 7 SR8 (7.8.21187.5001, 2021-07-06) and the bug still exists here.

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All secrets I can think of have been mentioned. Special kudos to the CTRL-SHFT sub-object selection tricks. Didn’t know about it for a while.

Not a command per se but you can populate your own toolbar with most of Rhino’s interface and map it on an F-key. This way you can hide all toolbars and have a single one always pop at the cursor for a clean uncluttered interface.


And you can make different ones for different workflows ( one for NURBs, one for subd and one for 2D linework) really good idea


One thing to remember about notes… they go with the file, so make sure and clear them out before shipping models to a client…

especially if your notes are a bit “blue” as mine sometimes tend to be…

learned the hard way. :wink:



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Starting with Rhino V7, TAB key can be customized under Tools>Options>Keyboard. Quite handy for any frequently used action assignment. [used as SubD smooth/flat by default, but that can be changed if you have a better use for it]


remember that tab is the toggle for flat/smooth for subd…


Hi Kyle,
Only if you want to, that’s the point. In many workflows, including ours, SubD are not of much use, while Tab is precious, that’ ls why it was made customizable.




Yes, customising important keys is important. I put F1 and F2 to a custom script where it changes the degree of a curve or surface to 1 up or 1 down. On F3 - F6 I rebuild a curve or surface to a single span nurbs of order 3 - 6.


On my system, Tab toggles the Gumball…


@wim, same here : )
And yes, F-keys, Tab and Home/End are the only non-combo (+Shift,Ctrl,Alt) keys in Rhino currently, making them the most convenient/quickest shortcut keys… Well, Home/End are kind of far, that’s why Tab is so nice to have defined, whether it’s for handy SubD toggle or other frequent action.

Over here F1-F5 I have assigned to a custom scripts that let us define certain layer visibility toggle (that is remembered per-document), so an one-shot Layer(s) on/off, or a toggle between two defined (sets of) Layers. It speeds things up a lot on a complex models to keep things organized and no need for constant clicks inside the Layers panel.


So they are basically universal layer states? That’s a great idea! I’ve just been dipping a toe into scripting - any chance you could share this, would be super helpful and also good to learn from.

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