What rhino commands do you use on a regular basis and think others don't know about?

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Sure, when I run into this issue again I will upload the 3d model. It happens mostly when a revolved surface is being trimmed by other surfaces, such like rim spokes.

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From time to time I actually use the ShowZBuffer command for generating fast depth maps without rendering, or for Photoshop-tweaking a scene.

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When using the Gumball for rotating of objects, having the Grid Snap “on” will trigger snappy rotation by 5 degrees. Turning off the Grid Snap (either from the status bar at the bottom of the screen or by pressing the F9 key) will allow a free rotation at any degree.

A simple yet detailed overview of the Gumball handle is shown on this video:

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I’m really interested in how you did this. I have a MX Master 2, and have Logitech Options installed. I have explored the settings but wasn’t able to match the isolate command to mouse gestures. How did you do it? Do I need to create a one letter alias in Rhino and then assign that letter to the mouse? How do I get it to press “enter” after the one letter alias has been entered?

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I added this as a macro for the RMB of “Dublipate edge”:
! _DupEdge _Chain


Color Picker by Dale

Thanks @dale

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You can also set the side scroll to easily change between tabs/views.


some brain numbing constrain tricks brought up and killed by @pascal


Not a Rhino command per se, but something I’ve just picked up which I thought was handy for ease of us. Using Windows Sticky Keys to toggle SHIFT for pesky selections of many items (say getting rid of certain tangent edge curves from a large Make2D result).

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I found this accidentally when I prompted this topic: Simple shortcut I'd like to implement

If you hold alt while turning the middle scroll button, you pan in and out instead of zooming. Helps a lot if you’re trying to get a better closeup view of your work. Sometimes you have to deselect all to get it to work, a minor inconvenience.

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thank you~^^


Here is my newest “discovery”, thanks to @pascal (master of the hidden gold), the dialog for setting how Rhino displays curves, which affects how it displays curve patterns:
Just type LinetypeDisplay and then set PatternBySegment=No
And this:

turns into this:

Note: This is NOT a document setting, it’s just a temporary display setting (which is odd) NOR is it sticky (even odder). So the next time you start Rhino and/or open the document you have to set it back.
But it sure beats messing with rebuild when you want a nice, clean print. So let’s hope that McNeel implements it’s setting to the document and places the setting on the same page as linetype scaling etc.


Nor is it per object or per layer, which would often be useful. I have to agree that I can’t see why this setting isn’t sticky.

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yep, got that, thannks.




Once I was in my layer structure and managed to press 4 or 5 keys on my keyboard (I was about to fall from my chair, it was very late) at the same time and it reorganised the layers in alphabetical order. I never managed to replicate this event, does anybody knows how to do it as a command?


If you click on the hammer icon in the layers panel, and see that “column sort” is activated (checked), you can click on the column name (in this case “name”), to sort the layers alphabetically by name.
Warning: this is NOT undoable…!

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this needs a rever to ‘last save’ option.

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There should be a thread about the most annoying things in Rhino, that certainly is one of them. I encountered this way to often on accident. I have minimized the problem, by forcing myself of using a nested and slim layer structure.


Hi Helvetosaur,

that’s how I use it on regular basis, but somehow just one time I run the same sorting command from keyboard (not by clicking on the ‘column’ header with the mouse as I usually do) and since I usually re-sort my layer structure many times during the day I asked if somebody is aware of such hotkey. Thanks for the warning but my layer structure is always sorted alphabetically :slight_smile:

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This is on the pile as RH-31840 for future reference.