What prog to use for plotting points in 3D space using a photo matched to a model?

What command is there now , or non McNeel prog, or plugin, that will do the following ?
I need to place a photo of a lorry with a crane on its back (an angled perspective shot, as most folk do) in front of my model of just the lorry, select points on the vehicle in the photo and the corresponding points on the lorry model, then have model orientated by the prog and perspective used on the model, or maybe it alters the photo to fit the lorry ?, so it matches to the photo.
Then I select features on the crane in the photo that I need to create on the lorry, draw lines on them, curves etc, and specific points at the junctions of the geodetics, and have the ability to draw on the model to match those traces, or have the prog generate those traces in 3D space.
Obviously one photo sees a point I place on the photo become anywhere along a line from that click to infinity ! however…armed with two or three photos from different cameras taken from different locations around the real vehicle, the same function applied to these features should then achieve a 3D location of each trace or point.
3 photos I presume are ideal from different angles to the vehicle, sort of triangulation.
Vehicle and plans are extinct.
There was a command in Rhino I tried several years ago, but any movement at all after matching lost the situation. It didnt allow me to do that above at all.
I used another prog to some degree of success but cannot remember what it was now. I had to add an object, run it, see how close I got, alter object, repeat again and again until I got a visual match.

So how can I do this , command, plugin or other prog ?
Does V7 have a way better than V5 ?

(I now have bought V7 but need to upgrade PC to win10.)




Maybe you are referring to this:

To use multiple photos to triangulate points in 3d space you will need a specialized application like PhotoModeler.

It was PerspectiveMatch I first tried, but it didnt work for me, as soon as I tried drawing anything the ‘setup’ was lost to me.

I need something that works for even cropped photos, and I need to be able to plot items on the 3 or more photos I have to have the results triangulate on the model.
Photomodeler needs same camera lens/same camera shots taken of the real thing on calibrated cameras, as the crane is extinct and 80 yrs old that cant happen.