What method to smooth out the crease in a surface?


what method do I use to smooth out the crease A-B on both sides in what should be a weld .
Smooth out ridge.3dm (417.2 KB)



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pipe trim and some clever blending may get you there-

see video

I took a crack at it using this technique.
Smooth out ridge_kfix.3dm (259.9 KB)

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This is a poorly thought out design, there’s no flow between the surfaces. This sort of form should easily fillet/blend. Do an image search of similar products/forms for inspiration.


Kyle, thanks, useful video.
I also got a slight insight into how to apply a texture in rendered, as I have never had need of such or understood such, cluck toothpaste, click plus, select material, and a colour and drag drop to the scene.
I need a steel look , a dull grubby one, an oily one, a blued steel one, a rusty one, etc
Not sure in list how one gets those,

However I digress

I open the file and it wont open in V7 ot V5 , my project uses V5

I know some folk are on V8 as one can now buy the upgrade. I intend to get it before end of Feb.

I am recreating a weld where I have a photo of the item as top view and side view, where it hald been welded then lathed to match diameter of ring, so I drew the two profiles, top and side, no view of the underside or oblique, used networkCrv method and then pulled on some control points for the result as the initial weld would have fone above the outer large diameter, did a bit of box edit, and trimmed with a tube to the diameter, to try and mimmick the triangle on top.

the trimming gave the ridge which a grinder or lathe would have added anyway, I just need to smooth out the sharp edge as if the chap then had used fine emery paper to make good. Not my design, just recreating how it had been made, given two pics and its there all but for the emery paper !

so fillet/blend is the method to emery down the sharp edge.
here us FilletEdge .005 and it goes odd.

didnt work for me what went wrong ?



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You can wrap a .005" fillet all the way around with Filletsrf
I had to tighten the tolerance to make fillets that small. smoothx.3dm (356.1 KB)

Also some of your base surfaces did not have good edge continuity that will always make filleting harder.

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make us an eto framework :coffee:

That’s not necessarily always the design intent :sweat_smile:

why wait

you mean netwrksrf :thinking:

I wish there was a sandpaper tool in Rhino :slightly_smiling_face:

Or an emery paper tool too :sweat_smile:


That would be a sweet tool :sunglasses:

lol well, Rhino is a bad filleter :man_shrugging:

It would probably work if they did nurbs-volumes, but that’s jus me.

I am spending all the money that I receive on healing my spine and head.

some useful commands:-
















In fact this would make for an interesting separate post. will do so :slight_smile:


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those commands look awesome. I need some those :slightly_smiling_face:

reuploaded my file in v5 format
Smooth out ridge_kfix.3dm (483.8 KB)

I used a fairly large pipe to trim with, but you can make it any size.