What method to move part of a curve to go through a point?


two queries.

Curve 2.5 how best to edit through the two new points minimising effect on curve elsewhere.

Curve 3 how best to edit through one point and ensure it still runs through the other point.

They lie one behind the other as they are related, Curve2.5 was derived from 3 in the progression of the shape I am making.

In both cases the curve ends must not move and minimal change to rest of curve is paramount.

I have drawn a nice CurvatureGraph friendly degree2 planar curve #2.5 but now at a location lets say 60% along its gentle sweeping path lie in this real life example two points inboard of the curve on the same plane as the curve, the curve must now travel 100% accurately through them, it will then when done intersect with the curve those points are on.

Also turned off for clarity is curve 3 which needs to go through one point and not move from another point. It could also do with the slight S bend shown in its curvature graph removing , a task that awaits.)

I would like to know best edit method to snap it to the new point but ensure it still runs through the other point.

I come across these two tasks a heck of a lot and wonder how best to achieve them and minimise the effect of the move on the rest of the curve.

Insert control point places a control point with fine pecked lines away from the curve, moving that moves the curve and I can visually make the curve go through a point BUT its only a visual thing, zoom in and its still missing. It needs to snap to that point.

Insert edit point likewise same thing, F10 and I get a control but no means of snapping my curve through that point.

Insert kink, yes I can now select that kink point but I also get a kink, I dont want a kink, I want my curve to flow nicely through that point.

Apart from tracing along it with InterpCrv and deviating to those two points in curve 2.5 example which may well add an S bend now, and could well explain my not so clever curves !!! how can I retain my deg2 curvature and run it through my revised point or points ? and wher necessary as in Curve 3 ensure it still runs through a point or more, and there can be more.

Commands like rebuild and Fair alter curve but dont deal with ensuring the editing snaps the curve through a point.

attached is the example.

This has got to be a common task for folk, no dooubt others will find it useful.

EditingCurve Through Two points.3dm (32.1 KB)

May be one for a jing video


Have you considered doing the Level II coursework?



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