What method to make same direction planar faces with differing shades?

Shaded mode, any planar face pointing in same direction receives the same colour.
This as per attached means one cannot indicate the face A is there, also C and C.
Shat can I do to get A to adopt a slightly different shade of grey ?
This is in layout view, but to go drawing around that shape and adding hatch solid and allocating a grey to such is a bit Heath Robinson let alone a careful drawing exercise, especially if the perspective view changes.

If for example a cube had a set of holes drilled into it, one wouldnt see them !



Dear @Steve1
I know you re on V5 -
(didn t you update ?)

for users that have V7 there is per Face color (found in properties after subselecting faces, also from subd and meshes)

kind regards -tom

Hi Tom,
V7 comes to the rescue it seems.
Oh well.
I am back with V5 as I need to find out why V7 is messing with dimensions a bit, and need to do some tests.
As V5 behaves itself and what I enter into dims properties gets carried out, I need to finish this project with something that works. V7 doesnt honour text gap user settings. (provisional discovery)…tests to do.

I am minutes from another pdf make and spending my easter holiday trying to get it done when I had other plans for how to get a bit of ‘my time’ in after 6 months being out of action due to win10 pc build then tax returns and rejig finances, and I am trying to cram into the detail panes text and dims, so cannot have V7 messing me about.

As such I will have to draw the area and use hatch I guess.

If I were to open this into V7 I would have kittens, dims wouldnt fit etc. So I will have to draw it instead.
V7 has not been the sweet move fwd, due to dims acting up. The need to alter all my dims properties and custom property overides as well to 1:1 scale , its easier to get this highly complex project finished in V5 with no messing around.


Just a small reminder - if V7 doesn’t do things the way you want, it’s already too late to ask McNeel to change anything. There are no modifications being made to V7 anymore except perhaps to fix any crash bugs found. All new stuff is going into V8.