What method has been used for this object

I’m working with Rhino 6 and have created many objects. I recently tried to design the body of a car. I succeeded to design a simple sample of the body, but with a troublesome and non-systematic method that you can see here (I didn’t use any picture or pattern).

Afterward, I tried to learn how a body car is designed systematically in Rhino and finally found this picture

It made me happy and I tried to imitate the shape, but I didn’t know which method the designer used? The first picture shows he has used polyline in the first step, but I couldn’t create the single faces that form the body, though I know he has used rebuild in the second stage. My question is these:

1- Which method the designer used?
2- Is the faces Nurbs or Mesh?

Whatever I tried to create the collection of the faces (whether in the Nurbs or Mesh workshop) all my efforts went wrong.

It has remained like an unsolvable puzzle for me.

Please someone enlightens me on how I can use this method, whether for designing the body of a car or other objects

Thank you

Hello - the models in the lower images are made with SubD surfaces - these are available in V7, but not V6.


Thank you very much :slight_smile:

It was helpful. Now I know, without using subD it is probably impossible to create such a shape easily. I have some additional ordinary plugins in v6 but they are neither Tspline nor subD. I’m not familiar with these two applications at all, but now I must use them as two necessary designing tools.

Well, here are two questions:

1- What is the difference between Tspline and subD?
2- Is it possible I install subD in v6?

Hi -

The biggest difference that actually means anything, I’d say, is that Tsplines no longer is available and SubD is a native object type in Rhino 7.


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you can use Mesh based subd with a plugin for grasshopper in case of windows also to Rhino itself, if you really want to know. the plugin is called weaverbird.

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Can subD compete with Tspline in the tasks and sufficiency? I mean, which one is higher in the classification?