What makes a SubD crease a crease?

I was hoping to be able to split a mesh at the crease without first converting to nurbs and then picking out all the little pieces.

Hm. You can split the SubD with Split > EdgeLoop - does that get you anything you like?


I don’t see that command…

help>check for updates to get the latest service release, then run toolbarreset to get the latest toolbars.

Sorry Kyle, I still don’t see it. I’m using Rhino 7 SR6 2021-5-7. What am I looking for?

This is a simple GH solution.

As explained, you have to use Mesh Topology Edges to choose which edges should be unwelded / creased.

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Thanks Martin. Since my goal is to be able to split the mesh along creases, I’ll see what I can do with this.

Post an example.

You can use the one a few posts up.

What’s the next step? Why split the mesh?


For “artistic” purposes, I want to treat the pieces differently, leaving some the same and processing others some more, while still maintaining the continuity of the overall shape…

Good, so I’m not blind. At Kyle’s recommendation, I downloaded the latest SR and this is what I see:

I don’t see split along edge loop.
Are you using the new SR candidate?

Rhino 7 SR7 2021-5-25 (Rhino 7, 7.7.21145.13001…

This is strange, because when I check, Rhino says I’m up to date.

Hello - if you start Split, you should see the EdgeLoop command line option.


Pascal, I don’t even see Split. At least not anywhere under SubD. See above. I see a Split Edge in the dropdown on the command line, but I don’t think that applies to SubD. @martinsiegrist’s screenshot shows Split, mine does not. Maybe he has the “deluxe” version.

I’m confused - the if the Split command is missing, then there are serious problems with your Rhino…


Alright, I’ve now reached my stupid quota for the week and it’s only Wednesday!. I see just plain Split in the command line and it works on the edge loop. I still don’t see what Martin sees in his SubD Dropdown however. I’m downloading the SR candidate to see if it shows up there.

I’d still like to accomplish this split in GH, but the SubD tools there are still pretty sparse IMHO.

I just downloaded the latest SR candidate, which matches @martinsiegrist 's build, and now I see it. I’ve got to lie down for a while.

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did you toolbarreset-