What login is this mesh painter asking for?

I have seen referred to in a thread here asking for mesh painting tool.

food4rhino is the site but it asks for login, is that login as per McNeel site downloads ?

What other options are there now to paint meshes, I have some crude mesh figures I just wish to add some simple varied colours to like flesh and black etc.


From the FAQ:

Getting Started
Are you ready? Just register (accepting the Terms & Conditions and our Privacy policy), log-in, and download any plug-in, add-on, material, textures, scripts and additional resources.
Use the new search tool to filter your selection.

ok, cheers.

So full of hope I used my email address that is registered with Rhino and it also wanted a password though I have no notes on any password, as if all I ever had to do was use email address which rings a bell, as if password is a recent addition.
so I clicked on forgot password and it said email address not recognised ! but that is the email address for Mcneel 100% sure of that as its in my diary for McNeel and my database of site entry data !

I used another email and password I use for McNeel forums and so on and that was rejected as well !


You have to a Register a food4rhino account. As far as I remember you can’t just use your login credentials from another mcneel service

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