What laptop for Rhino with superb screen and should AMD video be avoided?

I have on trial a Dell laptop (Inspiron 17 5749) which has an Nvidia GeForce card which I know Nvidia is a recommended safe bet for Rhino, but found that the display is atrocious with an unevenly lit screen and brightness changes with slight head movement, even perp to screen sees a 30% brighter region at base and at top, its black is more like 80% black.
Colours are 30% lighter at lower screen, or upper depending on if one moves a few inches in ones seat. This is bad screen build , not the Nvidia.
The current suggested laptop (Toshiba S50-B-15N) giving supposedly a decent screen experience has an AMD Radeon R7 M260.

Checking this on:-

it scores dismally.

I read :-
The consumer ATI cards are generally fine but require certain Rhino settings to be adjusted to solve well documented display issues.

I am getting a gut feeling about AMD , one of get Nvidia if possible !

My first PC made for Rhino had an ATI Quadro and after many issues this was replaced with a GeForce 9800 and all was well.

Can anyone recommend a laptop available to UK with a screen that gives even illumination throughout and where black is black. and the vid card is rock stable and without careful tweaking for Rhino ? I also now understand that an IPS screen is not search over but search begun, good and bad uses of IPS technology exist. I am also told that IPS suffers from viewing angle issues, then I get told that my superb monitor is also IPS.

I am also advised that OLED is better if one can find that technology now, its all gone downhill I am told.

Totally bemused now.

My price limit is £600 as this laptop is a secondary tool.


Having now seen the Toshiba S50-B-15N the screen is really good, I would have bought it but for the fact it is AMD, as such that denies us the entire Toshiba laptop range, damn ! If I knew what the tweaks were I could trial it maybe.
Such a nuisance they only use AMD now, and they are soldered to the motherboard, else I would swap out for an Nvidia.

I am unable to consider it with no feedback to my question, and its a gorgeous looking screen.

PCworld had no Nvidia chipset laptops, so buying a rhino laptop is not easy !