What kind of offset should i try?

please help!

i want to offset a 3D curve in inner directions of red arrows and make a surface like an image i attached.
is there any solution?

Offset curve on surface


Hello- can you post a file with the surface?


thank you for your message.

i tried OffsetCrvOnSrf command. the result is close but not exactly what i want…
i want to offset the curve inside with only XY directions, no Z direction affected.

sorry, it is hard to explain, but i hope you got what i mean.

thank you for your message.

i have attached a file. i roughly drew 4 inner-directed guide lines and did ‘sweep1’ 4 times and got a closest solution so far like an image i attached.

sorry i deleted my reply so i posted again.


ideally each point on the curve was offset inside on only XYvector, no Z direction. would you suggest other better solution?

offset matter.3dm (339.0 KB)

Hello - it will all work better if the curves are made tangent or G2 where they meet


Use `_GCon to test - the ones in the image a 6 degrees off.

In addition, I would make sure the radius is greater then the offset distance of 5.

Once that is cleaned up, Join the curves and then use RibbonOffset to get a surface.


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thank you. it worked. i learned a lot:)

topic solved ?
please check pascal s reply as solution, so other visitors of this forum don t need to dig into the topic.

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