What kind of goal can move a line to a point?


I am looking for a Kangaroo goal to move a line (the hyperplan below) to the point X1. This hyperplan is a perpendicular line to a vector W at a distance -B/|W| from the origin (B is any scalar)

This is part of an attempt to implement a perceptron (a very basic neural network) with GH/Kangaroo (for pedagogical sake). Note that the computation of the gradiant for W and B is straigthforward in math. The idea here is to implement a basic neural network with a physical engine to have a better intuitive understanding of its behavior.

About Kangaroo, the point X1 must be anchored (this is a fixed input to the perceptron). The problem is with the hyperplan. It needs to move to X1 by tweaking W and B.

In my understanding, Kangaroo optimizes a set of goals by moving points and only points (am i correct ?). Therefore, I need to create artificial points for W and B and construct the hyperplan line from them. However, I am unable to find a goal that will move the line in order to have the hyperplan on X and have that goal backtrack on the artificial point positions. Does anyone have an idea to this problem ?

Attached is the GH file to generate the above image.
Perceptron kangaroo v01.gh (26.4 KB)

And the GH config
about rhino output.txt (2.4 KB)